CombatKenpoFitnessCombat Kenpo Fitness Program
Want to build your cardio, core strength, or just lose a few unwanted pounds while learning moves like the Professional MMA fighters? This just might be the program for you.

Our Combat Kenpo Fitness program is a 60 minute workout program that includes elements of kettle bells, Wave Masters, battle ropes, agility equipment, jump ropes, Medicine Balls, and more.  This great fitness building program mixes elements of boxing, martial arts, and full body training into a fun, fast workout, with others who will encourage and help you.

Rzepka’s Family Karate offers several ways to improve your fitness.

Get Energized with our 60 minute workout designed to improve your strength, stamina, and flexibility.  Our COMBAT KENPO FITNESS program uses a unique mixture of body weight, equipment and martial arts drills guaranteed to bring out the best in you.

Everyone wants take off a few pounds, increase their cardio ability, and get in better shape.  Here is a way to do that without belts, uniforms or formalities.
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What do you have to lose..except a few pounds, inches and that wore-out feeling?  Call today to change your life for the better. You will be happy that you did.

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